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Is there something more powerful and suggestive than a perfume? A fragrance can trigger a smile, make you fall in love or set the mood. Your favorite fragrance will take you on an emotional journey and transporting your fondest memories.

Many elements influence the choice of perfume: mood, occasion or season so why not spoiled for choice? The scope of our fragrances means that you will never need to go without the right fragrance for the right occasion.

Oriflame’s commitment to quality means that each fragrance is the creation of the best and most respected perfumers in the world, using only the finest essences and essential oils. Discover a new you. Discover a world of fragrances with Oriflame.

Perfumes Woman
Nothing says more about a woman than the perfume she chooses. Every woman should have her signature fragrances-scents that embody every aspect of her. Why settle for just one signature fragrance when you can have one to satisfy your every appearance? Flowery, fruity, spicy, sweet or oriental and you’ll find the perfect signature perfume in our family of feminine fragrances.

Men’s Perfumes
What man are you: adventurer, free spirit, rebel, gentleman or a bit of each? Oriflame has a fragrance for every man and for every occasion. Discover the fragrances that reflect the type of man you are or the man you want to be. You are sure to find the perfect perfume for every season and occasion.

Today’s young people are more attentive than ever to trends. They know what they want but they are open to experimenting with their personal style and appearance. With this in mind, we have developed different lines of perfumes specifically for them. Inspired by their shameless, self-assuredness and free attitude and spirit, I came there with great fragrances for young women and men who reflect the essence of today’s youth.

Limited duration
Some of our perfumes are only available for a short time with exclusive offers, collector’s editions or seasonal products. Do not miss the great selection of limited edition fragrances.